Create A Global Classroom Today

Want to create a Global Clasroom today, but not sure how to do it??? Try these simple steps:

1. Have your students create a Bloglines account. This is easy and free. Bloglines is simply a web aggregator/web catcher/feed reader that allows your students to subscribe to any site that provides RSS Feed. Everytime the site is updated or a feed is added, your students will automatically get the information.
2. Have your students create a blog account using eBlogger. Its free and easy. Your students probably already blog constantly - MySpace and FaceBook are blogs.
3. Create your own blog using eBlogger. Its free and easy. Put your assignments and messages on your blog daily.
4. Subscribe to your students blogs using Bloglines. This will allow you to monitor your students' blog entries. Also, when you assign your students a blog entry/assignment, you will automatically get their work in your Bloglines account (when they post it)
5. Have your students subscribe to your blog using their Bloglines account. Then, everytime you make an entry (each day) the information will automatically go to your students.
6. Have your students' parents subscribe to your blog (using a Bloglines account).

Blogging and RSS Feed are "all the rage" and here to stay. Make the time and effort to create a global classroom. It will increase the motivation and participation of your students, increase reading and writing in your classroom (important timely info) and allow you and your student to stay connected to timely cutting-edge information.

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Professional Evelopment said...

Wow, I cant wait to try this.