You gotta take a few minutes out of your day to check out this I.T. blog. It blew me away. I would be dropping the ball if I didn't share it with you. Take a look, its called Teach Paperless. A must see.
Teach Paperless Blog


VoiceThread - Just Brilliant

Want to really be blown away by a new 2.0 tool? I mean a tool that can turn your classroom upside down and inside out? Well this is it - Voicethread. Voicethread is the newest and coolest digital storytelling 2.0 tool. Take a few moments and check out the intro-you will be creating your first voicethread before the intro is even finished. What makes voicethread so amazing is that they have designed it with educators and students in mind. Within the program is a special version called Ed.Voicethread.com. Ed.voicethread.com is a secure collaborative network designed for the academic evnvironment. Just go to the main page and click on the classroom link or click here.

Check out the Voicethread example created by Joanne Hervol, Hempfield Area High School Department Chair.