What in the Wiggio?????

Another must see IT tool for the busy educator... Wiggio. This is great for those of you who wanna do the group thing, the easy way. This is what you can do:

Check out this neat and quick tutorial on Wiggio.


A Must For All (Music Lovin) Techies

ok, this isnt neccesarily an IT tool but I had to share this with you all.... Its Pandora. Pandora is not only an amzing site on the PC but its a great app for the iPhone or Blackberry. I use it on Blackberry and its amazing. So, what is it? Well first of its an online jukebox..... in which you control, well, the genre that you hear anyway. This is how it works. First you must set up an account (either through your phone or pc/mac) at pandora.com. Its free. Then you type in a band name.... ie: Nirvana. It automatically sets up "Nirvana Radio". Then, you only hear songs from Nirvana or bands that are exactly like Nirvana.... Its nuts. I dont know where the songs come from.... nor do I care.


Google Earth Users Guide

United's very own Mr. Joel Scanga designed and created this incredibly user friendly Google Earth users guide. It's a wonderful resource for any teacher who wants to dabble in a little Google Earth. There are also some excellent links for teachers.
A must see!
Click here to access the Google Earth users guide.

Podcasting for Dummies

Check out this extremely easy to follow and understand tutorial on podcasting. All you need is a microphone, Audacity (which is a free download) and a sense of adventure. Anyone can podcast. Check out Rick Auvil's Podcasting Help Page.

Visit the Podcasting Help Page

More Wikimania from United

This is the premiere place for teachers of all subjects to share ideas about applying academic content across the curriculum! Find or edit in your great ideas! Suggest links to promote Integrated Academics in your school!

Visit United's Integrated Academics Wiki


United Wikis It Up

Check out United High School's new CFF Wiki. A great resource for technology implementation - across the curriculum. Its growing everyday. CFF teachers have posted sample projects that range from animoto to digital storytelling.

A One-Stop-Shop for Integrating Academics- A must see site

This is the place for all teachers to share ideas about applying academic content across the curriculum! How can music or art reinforce a mathematical concept? Are foreign languages important in science? How does proper nutrition help us to think more clearly? Does geography have anything to do with the evolution of musical instruments? Why is YOUR subject important to anybody else? Post a favorite idea or suggest a link to promote Integrated Academics in your school!
Stop by and see my buddy Rick Auvil's Academic Integration Wiki. Its amazing - one of the most comprehensive out there.


Thinkfinity- If netTrekker isnt for you

A great ed resource for all - and its free. The Verizon Foundation has really done a great job with this I.T. tool. Just set up an account and go to town.
Voted best educational website by Edutopia.


Click below to watch an informative video on Thinkfinity.org