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I stumbled on possibly the greatest IT site I have seen in years! Its a must see....
Web 2.0 Guru is a collection of the newest and most effective web resources out there.

FlipCams in the Classroom

Check out this awesome slide show (with embedded video) on using flipcams in the classroom

FlipCams in the Classroom

More great articles:

FlipCams 2

FlipCams 3

Digital Recorders in the Classroom

Check out these articles on using a digital recorder in the classroom.

Digital Recorder

Digital Recording 2

Web Cams in the Classroom

Check out the Classroom 2.0 Blog to see some great uses for a WebCam!

WebCams in the Classroom

And here is a great tutorial for using the Logitech WebCams

WebCam Tutorial


ZAMZAR to the Rescue!!

Looking for a free Youtube video ripper? Here is the perfect FREE solution. Check out Zamzar. It is also a nifty filer converter.


No Habla English?

No Habla Engish? Russian? Spanish? No worries. Check out Google Translator. Super easy to use and much more practical than Babelfish or other translators... and it's FREE. Great for any teacher with ESL students.

Google Translator


Changing Education Paradigms

Here is a very provocative and interesting video on changing education paradigms. I am particularly impressed with the white board prowess of the creator. Take some time and check it out, it worth a look. Special thanks to Cory Cullen, Hempfield teacher, for the heads up on this one!