MobilePodding-Podcasting on the Go

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to create podcasts with your students. To create a podcast you truly only need several tools: A microphone and software that converts your audio into a wav.file. Audacity is the freeware that allows the simple conversion. Visit their site to download a free version. But, what if you want to go the next step and allow your students the freedom to create podcasts from any remote locations? Example: Your students want to interview people at a local political rally with hopes of creating a podcast from the interviews. Well now its simple. I have been working with a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder. This simple device allows you to record and store audio on a hand held device. From there, it doubles as a USB drive - just plug it in and transfer the audio file to your computer. It will convert and transfer the file as a wav.file. Cost - under $200.
A must for the podcasting enthusiasts.

Click here to go to the Zoom site.

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Mr. A said...

I've used this machine for multi-track recording too! The new firmware even contains guitar effects and amplifier modeling. I haven't downloaded the new firmware yet, but I will soon!