Staying One Step Behind the Kids- V Tunnel Alert

Just in from the front lines of the-
Edu-Cyber War: Kids v. Schools
Kids 1 - Schools 0.
No surprise. Today's digital learners are relentless and motivated - everything we want in our students. Unfortunately, the motivation I am speaking about involves circumventing firewalls and website blocking tools in order to reach the ultimate goal - unadulterated internet usage at school....... The tools I speak of are just simple websites that automatically connect students with any website (allowing them to go right around, beside, and over web-blocking systems). All you have to do is type a web address into the search/link window and wa-la.... instant access. Here is a list of the most popular "un-blocker" sites out there (I am sure there are more). - the most popular to date
Tech guys (and Dr. Koz) - get busy........ staying one step behind isnt easy.....

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KKoz said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could harness their enthusiasm for these types of things with tools we provide them IN school?!